It’s Summer ~ Drink in the Pink!

Nothing tastes better on a warm afternoon than a cool glass of rosé. Ok, well maybe a beer, but beer you can get anytime of the year. Rosé’s tend to only be seasonal and post season you usually aren’t finding the good stuff in the shops anymore. Why? Because the good ones sell out. The 2016 rosé’s are gorgeous and there is less quantity than 2015, so be like me and stock pile them as if you are preparing for a zombie attack. In my house, we have about a bottle a day until we can’t get them anymore.

Here’s a little video from a recent Rosé Tasting Event in San Diego:

Rosé’s are produced in the majority of the grape growing regions, however my favorite are from Provence. I mean Provence practically wrote the book on rosé and they have grown to prove they are more than just back yard quaffers. One of the best bangs for your buck is Domaine de Figueirasse, which retails around $15. If you want some quality to your rosé from France, you are going to have to spend more than $10. Bandol is likely the most coveted of all the regions in Provence, and aside from what many people think, the higher quality producers rosé’s can age. I’ve tested this and encourage you to lay a bottle of Château de Pibarnon down for at least 5 years. Those upfront fruits turn more savory as time goes on. Find this wine in retail for around $32.

I do enjoy rosé’s from other wine regions. Dievole Rosato from Tuscany has been a staple in my fridge since release. The first time I popped the cork and poured a taste, “oooh!” was the first word from my mouth. Having shared with other enthusiasts since, I continue to get the same reaction. This wine will retail around $15. From Spain, a winery named Lechuza produces a 100% Grenache beautiful rosado. This is a wine you pull the cork and wonder where the wine went, it’s so good and so inexpensive everyone can have their own bottle! Lechuza retails under $10 and is a bargain.

Happy Summer and drink in the pink!

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