Traveling with Wine

If you’re like me, you enjoy bringing wine with you to not only a party, but also when you travel on vacations or little excursions. Maybe you’re taking wine to a party and you would like to keep it cool. Or you’re off on a road trip to the beach, lake, or mountains and you’d like to pack up some of your favorites while keeping them cold, only to enjoy during or after your activities. Perhaps you’re visiting wine country and you want to purchase some wine and would like a secure way to carry it. If you’re air traveling, wouldn’t it be great to bring along some of your fave wines, purchase wines at your winery visits, and have a professional way to carry them? The following are some of my tried and true ways to travel with the adult juice we savor. Click on the images or bold names to find out more.

I’m a temperature snob, I like my wines at proper temps because they just…taste better. Richer whites (like Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc) and reds should be served at cellar temp (57-59 degrees). These two types of travel totes are used often in my household (PackIt Freezable Wine Cooler Bag and the LodHog Wine Travel Carrier and Cooler Bag). They are insulated and carry two bottles, perfect for taking to a party. I even use them for work to carry a few bottles. They also come in flattering patterns…bonus!

For more adventurous excursions, picnics, or beach days, I adore the following “kits.” They are both small and easy to carry. The first (Kovot 9 Piece Wine Travel Bag & Picnic Set) is ideal for packing up a few wines you want to keep cool, and the other is a backpack (Plush Picnic 2-Person Picnic Backpack with Cooler Compartment) that has the whole kit and caboodle to make it food friendly.

Unbeknownst to many, you can air travel with wine. If you are arriving at the airport, you are going to need to have your wines packed securely, ask for fragile stickers, and tell the baggage clerk you have wine stored professionally. There are several methods I use to pack wine. If I’m just taking a few bottles to enjoy on a trip, I use WineSkin. They are cheap, last several years, and I will say I have never had a bottle break on me. I will also put them in between some clothes or towels for extra padding. If you are going to wine country and want to bring back some vinos that are more than a few bottles, I suggest an actual wine bag on wheels. Your back will thank me later. If it’s air travel, you’ll want a bag like the WineCheck bag below that carries 12 bottles and has wheels. If you’re just hitting some local wineries, the Bellino black bag is insulated and carries 12 bottles, so great to keep wines in your car from getting too warm.

Happy travels and hope this information is helpful and inspires you to travel with wine. Click on the images if you want more information on the products I suggested.

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