The Awesomeness of Fishmongers

The term “foodie” has really become quite popular over the years and to be blatantly honest, I can’t stand the term. I’ve been in the food & beverage industry since I was 16 and never heard the term until Yelp became popular. I am a lover of gourmet food, restaurants, and fine wine and don’t ever call myself a “foodie.” But anyway, if you consider yourself one (and that’s OK), or you are merely a lover of fine food, you probably know what a Cheesemonger is.

Have you heard of a Fishmonger? Likely so if you live by a coast, but maybe not. I joke and say that I shop for food the way most women shop for purses. Not settling on what one store has to offer. I have always been a fan of local fish markets, their selection is vast and typically fish that comes locally and not flown in frozen. If you are buying your fish at a major grocery store, just stop right now. They are buying for the masses and aren’t usually buying responsibly. They’re buying from fish farms, fish that are over fished in certain regions, and generally aren’t as knowledgeable as if you went to a Fishmonger. Not to mention the quality is of way lesser degree.

Fish from a Fishmonger generally comes in that day from local fishermen. Sure, there are some that may be a day old, but that’s ok. Today was pretty awesome. I was having lunch at one of my local favorite fish markets in San Diego called, The Fishery (they also have a market where you can buy the catches of the day). As I was finishing up lunch, I got to witness a fresh catch come in. People huddled around the fish tank to watch as the delivery person for the local fishing company poured in a fresh catch of Pacific Wild Head-On Prawns. It was beautiful. Most shrimp you see in grocery stores were either previously frozen and/or from a fish farm in India. Now I live in CA…India is a far cry away from me and most towns in America, if my geography is right.

I get it, I understand if you are reading this and you live in Oklahoma that it might be a challenge to find a Fishmonger, but I spent 5 years in Scottsdale, AZ. After researching around, I found a restaurant that got fresh fish flown in daily and they had a retail operation. To be honest, it wasn’t my kind of restaurant, but the fish they had to offer was! I totally went out of my way to go buy my fish there. Once you get a taste for quality, it really is hard to go back to something lesser. Sort of like those purses for a lot of ladies.

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