Opening a Bottle of Wine…Like a Boss

Are you one of those wine drinkers with a bunch of different wine opener gadgets? I’ve been to my friend’s and families homes and have seen all the different methods for pulling out that cork. And here I am, a gal who started working in restaurants at 16 and to now having made a long career out of wine, that I still use the same damn cheap tool – a waiter’s corkscrew.

I remember once at my parents house for Christmas I asked for a wine opener and was given that double wing corkscrew opener. You can’t even cut the foil with that thing, you need another tool – a foil cutter! Some people probably don’t have the foil cutter, rather they plunge right through the foil with that pain in the rear device. I’ve since given my parents a waiter’s corkscrew because I guess the blonde in me can’t operate the double wing thing.

The Rabbit and electric gadgets can certainly do the trick for you, but they cost up to $40 and they’re either in a kit or are large. Now wouldn’t you rather spend $40 on a nice bottle of wine? I sure would. And what about if you take a bottle to the pool or beach? Are you going to pack up your wine bottle opening kit? The waiter’s corkscrew costs around $10 for a “high end” one that will last you a handful of years. Plus it’s about 3 inches long and a half inch wide. That sure takes up a lot less space and frees up some cash to buy more wine.

Watch my YouTube video on how to successfully use one. Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube Channel so that you can follow other educational videos.

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