6 Excellent Wines for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, the all-American Holiday for giving thanks and filling our bellies with loads of home cooked goodness while washing it all down with some tasty vinos. Not all wines go great with the general styles of cuisine served on this faved holiday, so Wine Expressions is here to offer 6 of the best different types of wines to pair and add to your shopping list. Remember when shopping – leave the major grocery chains to food. I would say if you need a one-stop shop, go Whole Foods. For being a national retailer, they of course have top-notch organic foods, but also a rather nice wine department. Otherwise if you have some time, Thanksgiving is a great time to patron a local independent wine shop. So here goes the list:

Why? Who doesn’t love to start out with some bubbly while enjoying some hors d’oeuvres and conversation? These wines easily get you in the celebratory mood as well as jump starting your palate. The high acidity and elegant flavors pair with just about anything, so one could actually enjoy the bubbly through the entire meal. Your head may not thank you though in the morning. A few stunners:
2015 Raventos i Blanc ‘De Nit’Rosé, Conca del Riu Anoia – $22.99
NV Val de Mer, Brut Bourgogne – $20.99
NV Domaine Jean Vesselle Brut ‘Oeil de Perdrix,’ Bouzy Champagne – $53.99

Why? Sauvignon Blanc from the region of Sancerre in France is not only delicious on its own, but it pairs tremendously well with those green veggies!
2016 Paul et Jean-Marc Pastou – $20.99
2016 Domaine Vacheron – $32.99

Why? Chenin Blanc is quite a versatile white wine that will pair with those green veggies, autumnal ingredients like mushrooms, and goes wonderfully with turkey and gravy! It’s my go-to over Chardonnay any day.
2016 Champlou ‘Sec,’ Vouvray – $19.99
2016 Badenhorst Secateurs, Swartland – $14.99

Why? It’s the ultimate Thanksgiving red wine that pairs with just about everything. The grape in Beaujolais is Gamay and it has very little tannins with nice acidity, making it the perfect red wine on its own or at the table. Also a red wine that can stand up to the tartness of cranberry sauce!
2016 Paul Durdilly et Fils, Beajolais Rouge ‘Les Grandes Coasses’ – $13.99
2016 Domaine des Braves, Régnié – $18.99
2016 Domaine Marcel Lipierre, Morgon – $29.99

Why? Because it’s not only versatile, but ever since that influential movie Sideways, it seems to be everyone’s favorite wine. Like Gamay, it’s relatively low in tannins and high in acidity – at least it should be.
2016 Banshee, Sonoma County – $18.99
2015 Broadley Estate, Willamette Valley – $23.99
2015 Domaine Michel Sarrazin et Fils, Givry ‘Sous La Roche’ – $28.99
2015 Céline et Vincent Dureuil-Janthial, Rully Rouge – $28.99
2015 Eric Kent ‘Small Town,’ Sonoma Coast – $44.99

Why? Because it may be a challenge to pronounce let alone remember how to spell for your shopping list. But in all seriousness, this is the HOT grape right now. Time for you to discover the versatility of this Sicilian babe. I like to think of it as an alternative to Pinot, but with that sassiness you expect from a Sicilian.
2015 Emanuele Scammacca del Murgo, Etna Rosso – $18.99
2015 Pietradolce, Etna Rosso – $19.99

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