In order to eat healthily you have to prepare your food healthfully, right? I always say you get what you pay for, and yes these gadgets are costly, but they are an investment to a better lifestyle and most of these should last a lifetime. A pro tip is to look for these items on sale around major holidays.

1. KitchenAid
If you don’t have one yet, then what have you been waiting for? This commercial grade mixer is one of the heaviest used equipment in our kitchen. Aside from general mixing, the attachments are what makes this machine so versatile. 81UknzEqmhL._SL1500_
2. Spiralizer
Trying to eat fewer carbs in your life? A spiralizer is the trick to making delicious vegetable noodles! There are cheaper plastic versions out there, but they will eventually break. They are also very hard to use with stronger veggies like sweet potatoes. This attachment can also be used to slice fruits for tarts and pies. 71jTNHBJKaL._SL1500_

3. Vitamix
Probably the most expensive blender on the market, but for very good reasons. A commercial-grade mixer with the most powerful motor to boot, it’s no wonder that so many restaurants across the globe use them. In my house, this blender is used about 3 times a day. They blend the smoothest smoothies and ice actually blends instead of being chunky. Toss in hot ingredients to make fresh soup, this mixer won’t blow its lid from the heat. You can also grind seeds and nuts, as well as make fresh baby food.

4. Air Fryer
81KQnFde6WL._SL1500_You may or may not have heard of Air Fryers, but they will transform your cooking. The De’Longhi MultiFry gets my vote. Air Fryers use little to no oil to fry anything from homemade french fries to brussel sprouts. Enjoying some of your favorite cheat foods are now healthy by using an air fryer. Clean up is a breeze and it’s dishwasher safe.

5. Instant Pot
There’s a reason this machine is becoming so popular – they are the bomb! What can you not cook in this thing? It has built-in programs, so you can make some of your fave dishes by just pushing a button. Have you ever made yogurt? Now you can with this machine! Vegetables actually cook healthier in the Instant Pot because it works on steam rather than submersion in water. 716zs0O7BZL._SL1500_