Fun Alternatives to Champagne!

Fun Alternatives to Champagne

Getting ready for New Year’s but on a budget? Champagne can be expensive, so here are my top picks for budget-friendly bubbly. I’m taking a unique approach since we all know about Prosecco, Cava, and American Sparkling! I hope my suggestions inspire you to seek out something new to try!

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  • Crémant
    Crémant comes from all over France, except Champagne and it is known for its exceptional quality. It is made in the traditional method (Méthode Champenoise) and found on wine lists and in fine wine shops all over the US. Crémant de Bourgogne and Crémant de Limoux are the closest you will find in style to Champagne.
  • Franciacorta
    Also produced in the traditional method, Franciacorta is the “Champagne” of Italy and is one of my favorite bubblies. It is produced in Lombardy and it’s a little hard to find in the US but so worth it if you find one!
  • Sekt
    Sekt is produced in Germany and Austria and is starting to become more popular, mostly because the quality has vastly improved. Wine geeky Sommeliers like to offer this by the glass over Prosecco, so definitely give it a shot if you like Prosecco! It’s generally light in style and made in the same tank method (Charmat).
  • Sparkling Nerello Mascalese
    One of my favorite red wine grapes out of Sicily and we’re lucky that a number of wineries produce sparkling wine from the grape. It’s made in the traditional method and quality for the price is outstanding.
  • Cap Classique
    Cap Classique is what the South Africans have labeled their bubblies. These wines are amazing for the price and also produced in the traditional method. Graham Beck is likely considered the most popular from South Africa.
  • Espumante
    Even the Portuguese and Argentinias are in on sparkling wine and you can find some insane values from Portugal ranging in all sorts of styles.

Where do I find these?

Fine wine shops and independent online retailers are the best places to pick up one of these bottles. Interested in what I can offer and have delivered to your doorstep? Send me an email

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