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The Wine Bible from Karen MacNeil is one of the best books for the basics about grapes, wine regions, and laws. She makes it extremely easy for beginners to understand what can be a complicated subject.
Wine Folly is also a fantastic book for learning. I find they have some of the most detailed maps too!
DēLonghi Wine Tasting Booklet. An excellent companion to have when tasting wine and learning “wine speak.” Included is a wine tasting chart filled with tasting terms to help you identify what you are smelling and tasting.

Stemless glasses are great for an everyday glass.  Casual nights on the sofa, in the bubble bath, by the grill, reading bedside. Also great for parties to avoid that tipsy guest who can be a little destructive knocking over stemmed wine glasses!!!
Riedel O is a fantastic stemless and crystal wine glass. These are my everyday for a bolder white and richer red. Extremely versatile.
High quality, crystal stemware are a must for enjoying wine. Spiegelau happens to be my favorite. They are more durable than Riedel, but offer the same quality. This glass is versatile for reds and whites!

I love Burgundy, and Chardonnay and Pinot Noir deserve to be in a larger bowl, crystal stem. Another favorite here from Spiegelau.
A high quality, crystal set of Champagne flutes are a must! Save the cheap ones for Prosecco, but actual Champagne is lovely in a classy stem. A great deal here too from Lenox; buy 4 and get 2 no charge!
I’m a huge fan of stemless, especially when entertaining. These are perfect for serving bubbly and come in a 12-pack. Also great for everyday glass of bubbly.
These are rad for those hot summer days and warm nights when it’s a struggle to keep your wine at the right temperature. These PBA-free glasses by FREEZE keep your wines at proper temperature for up to TWO HOURS!
Thie Riedel wine glass polishing cloth is likely the best on the market. Easily scrub off those water stains. Machine washable.
Party foul to the rescue! Wine Away is pure magic, it takes stains off of anything you dump wine on. I have even used it to clean up pet stains!
I have two Champagne stoppers I use, this is one of two. I have tested this stopper with even wines like Lambrusco and have found they can preserve the bubbles twice as long as the standard Champagne stopper.
Champagne stopper favorite #2. The flap down hinge REALLY secures the wine inside. Again I tested with wines like Lambrusco and it lasts twice as long as other stoppers.
PackIt Freezable Wine Bags are the BOMB! This one can carry two bottles and they can keep your wines cold for HOURS, even in a hot car. I use them for work too, but mostly for toting wines to a party.
Wine Travel Bag & Cooler, 2-bottle carrier. Just another travel bag I like to keep my wines cool. Made of thick neoprene, this is also a nice option for air travel when checking a bag. Or take it to the wine store with you when picking out some wines for the evening!
Insulated, 2-bottle travel pack with acrylic wine glasses. How cool is this? Fabulous for picnics, sunsets at the beach, and a great gift for a wine enthusiast!
Similar to above, however this is a backpack and has everything needed for a pleasant picnic.

Not in for a full bottle of red wine tonight? This easy-to-use vacuum preserver system pulls air out of your bottle allowing for you to keep it for a few extra days. 

The Coravin is an advanced wine preservation system that uses Argon gas to preserve your wine. This is for the more serious wine drinker or an incredible gift for the collector. Sample wines in your cellar or taste through a bunch of different wines without pulling the cork! Wines will last up to 2 months. 

Hands down one of the best wine openers. The professional “waiters” corkscrew are the only way I open a wine. This one has a foil cutter and it is double hinged, making it super easy to open your bottle. 

Air travel in your plans and want to bring some wine? WineSkin’s are amazing and long lasting!!!! I have had several for many years. I have never had a bottle shatter using these.
Traveling to wine country and want a secure way to bring home wonderful bottles? Look no further than the WineCheck 12-bottle wine bag on wheels.
Bellino Bottle 12-bottle insulated Wine Travel Bag. Perfect for taking a road trip and needing to keep your wines cold, or at a temperature where they won’t get too warm. Travel like the wine pros do!

This 8-bottle wine fridge is perfect for keeping a few wines at the right temps. Reds too warm aren’t very enjoyable. This small fridge can fit on your counter, or you can tuck it away on a small table or floor. Avanti makes high quality products. A great way to get into the joy of collecting.

Stepping up your collecting game? Here’s a rad, (21-bottle) dual-zone fridge. Keep your whites colder than your reds below. The wood racks are definitely my suggestion over wire racks. 

Wine bottles are a little hard to wrap, so these gift bags are perfect!

More fun wine gift bags!

My favorite aerator. It is fantastic to use if you are only having a glass or two and do not want to decant the entire bottle.

An excellent, lead-free crystal glass decanter. A must for the enthusiast. Decanting helps open the wine up quicker than it would by just pulling the cork. For older wines that are unfiltered (which many are), it helps keep the sediments trapped at the bottom instead of in your glass. This product is great because it also comes with a drying rack. 

A gorgeous and eye-catching wine rack. Can go horizontal or vertical and holds 12-bottles.

These racks are great because they are stackable, so you can continue to grow your collection over time.

50-pack label removers are great for those that are into a tasting journal, scrapbooking, a wine diary, or simply like some labels and want to frame them.

Keeping a wine journal is really fun and a great way to reminisce through the years. Also a great way to keep track of vintages and wines you enjoy. The best part of this journal compared to others, you can buy additional pages from the same manufacturer.

Refill pages for the wine journal featured above!

An absolute must for every kitchen is a KitchenAid Mixer. This particular model is very user-friendly. Even if you are a novice cooker/baker, you will be so glad you shucked out the money for this.

The KitchenAid Spiralizer is an attachment you might not think about, but ever since I added it to my collection, it is used way more often than I thought! You can make squash noodles, slice apples easily for pie, and slice all sorts of vegetables quickly to make your entertaining foods look professional!
I love the KitchenAid Pasta Press! If you love fresh pasta as much as I do, this sweet attachment is a must. Super easy to use and you can create spaghetti, macaroni, bucatini, and more!
I use the KitchenAid 3-Piece Pasta Attachment and Cutter. You can create fresh sheets of pasta to make lasagna noodles, ravioli, tortellini, and more. The two cutter attachments make spaghetti and fettuccini!
Make your own sausage with the KitchenAid SSA Sausage Stuffer Attachment! Meat, seafood, or vegetarian!
You’ll need a pasta drying rack for all the fresh noodles you’ll be preparing!

I speak in my videos about the importance of a food mandolin in your kitchen. Quick and easy way to slice your vegetables and fruits evenly. Dishwasher safe!
The Vitamix 7500 Blender is the bomb. I use this daily if not twice a day and it is worth EVERY PENNY. It is industrial grade and the choice for professional chefs. Blends like a breeze; hot soups won’t explode, ice blends to perfection, and you can set the blend and walk away from it. Machine washable!

I LOVE Le Creuset and do find the cherry red to be the most attractive of all the colors, however mixing and matching pieces of various colors can be fun too! This 3 1/2 quart dutch oven is the most essential piece of cooking equipment in my kitchen. I use it almost daily. Click on the image to learn more about why Le Creuset are such top of the line.

The 7-1/4 quart Le Creuset Dutch Oven is a master size for cooking whole chicken, making soup, or anything for a larger group of people around the dinner table. I LOVE the RED!!!

Be prepared to make the best lasagna EVER in this Le Creuset Heritage Stoneware Dish. I love that it comes with a lid, so you don’t need to use aluminum foil (less waste). It cooks incredibly evenly and is so easy to clean up! No more intense scrubbing or stains like in glass baking dishes. 
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