If you’re like me and cook at home a lot, you likely have Chicken at least once or twice a week, maybe more if you have kids. It’s a versatile, lean-meat protein that pretty much everyone who’s not a vegetarian enjoys.

There are tons and tons of recipes out there, as you know, but how many have you tried and your Chicken turns out dry, stringy, and over-cooked? Chicken can easily get dry during the cooking process (even if you use a thermometer) if it’s not properly prepared.

How to Avoid Dry Chicken

So what is my secret? I brine. There are several ways you can brine and if you don’t feel like doing your own, which requires a lot of salt, I simply marinate my Chicken breasts in either Organic Veggie or Organic, Free-Range Chicken Broth. I feel it gives more flavor anyway.

I remove the breasts from the packaging, salt and pepper both sides, and then put them in a large bowl and pour enough stock to cover them. I do this about an hour before cooking them and keep them in the refrigerator. And that’s it! Brining helps keep the meat more juicy, tender, and adds flavor. This is especially beneficial if you have a recipe that calls for a quick pan fry to brown on both sides.

A bonus tip? I sometimes brine in white wine, lemon, and salt for a scrumptious flavor, but that can be expensive. Save that style for a very special dinner for two!