The internet is smart, doesn’t it feel like sometimes your computer, tablet, cell phone, Alexa, etc. are listening to you or reading every word you type? The other day I blogged about traveling with wine…perhaps if you like me you read it?

What is the Swankey Beverage Tote?

After publishing my blog, I was confronted by various social media outlets about the Swankey Beverage Tote.  I actually stopped to check it out because I thought to myself, “Oh my gosh! The ladies are going to LOVE this bag!” If you haven’t seen it yet, I’ll give you a little inside scoop. It’s a purse that also dubs as a wine tote. Huh? Wait, I can carry wine around in my purse and not look like a wino with a bottle in it? With a Swankey Tote, yes you can! Haha. What makes this bag cool (aside from the super attractive patterns they come in) is that it discreetly carries wine…sssssshhhhh! Ok, so there’s a little zipped compartment at the bottom of the purse that houses a pull-out plastic wine bag. You know, like what you see in those bag-in-box wines. Except, you are not forced to drink gut splitting Franzia (although if you’ve ever traveled to France, the wineries do bag-in-box the good stuff). With this bag, you can fill it with whatever you like and take it with you (ok, maybe not to work or your kid’s high school graduation)!

So there’s the compartment for your regular purse items and then the compartment for the wine and the spout gets covered up by a flap. Genius! What a great way to take wine to the pool, beach, and concerts! I’m just sayin’ if you would love to take your favorite wine into an event, this is the bag for you!

Click on the image below for the link to where you can score a bag like this. A great gift idea too for those who you know love to drink wine.