Prosecco is wildly popular and often drank as an alternative to Champagne. It is Italy’s most famous sparkling wine, and rightfully so because it is very affordable!

Given the popularity of Prosecco, there are so many to choose from and not all are created equal. Trying to find great Prosecco isn’t that hard, but keep in mind most found in chain stores and some restaurants are bulk producers. You may ask yourself, “what are bulk producers?” In a nutshell, think massive production. It is very hard to control quality if the goal of the winery is to have huge production. With a little bit of knowledge under your belt, you’ll be able to find what suits you not only in a wine shop, but also a restaurant wine list.

What is Prosecco?

Prosecco is made from the glera grape and comes in three different styles; Dry, Extra Dry, and Brut. Brut being the driest of them all, so keep this in mind when looking at the wine labels. Dry is going to be on the sweeter side and Extra Dry offers a fun balance between the others. Prosecco comes from the Veneto region in Italy, which is the northeast region where the city of Venice is. Here it carries a DOC designate and higher quality can be found from the Friuli region, versus Veneto IGT.

Prosecco originated in the Valdobbiadene region and this is home to some of the best Proseccos you will find. There will be a distinction on the wine label, so certainly look for that and the DOCG designate on the neck label. The best producers are located along the hillsides and come from sub-regions within Valdobbiadene, like Valdobbiadene Superiore di Cartizze DOCG.

How to Enjoy Prosecco

Prosecco is an absolute pleasure to drink on its own and makes for the perfect apéritif to any meal. The delicate bubbles will dance on your tongue preparing your taste buds for food to follow. When pairing with food for the meal, it is a versatile wine, however, it goes exceptionally well with Asian cuisines and spicy foods like Thai and Indian curries.

Did someone say Brunch? Step into any restaurant for a Mimosa and chances are, they are using Prosecco. The fruitier style of Prosecco is the perfect dance partner to orange or grapefruit juice because it enhances the citrus flavors. In our opinion; Champagnes, Crémants, Cavas, and most California sparkling wines are too heavy for Mimosas.

Prosecco is quite versatile, so it can be used in all sorts of cocktail recipes, however, the most popular that originated in Venice is the Spritz. Often enjoyed during lunch in the cafe’s around Venice, this cocktail made with Aperol has found its way onto restaurant menus all over cities in the United States. We highly suggest you try one, they’re a guilt-free afternoon delight!